The 3 BIGGEST LIES that Stop You from Finding the Right Representation 


  • A target list is the worst strategy you can use to find the right match
  • Agents aren’t worried about your credits half as much as you are
  • Your reel is a giant waste of time and money  
  • Referrals are dangerous!!! – and a big energy suck  
  • Diversity matters (amen and hallelujah!), and it’s not a closed-door if your type isn’t in high demand

The strategy you’ll learn has been tested by 542 other actors who used it to land solid representation.

Hi I'm Brian! If You Want Great Representation I've Got Great News...

  • You don’t need new headshots...
  • You don’t need referrals...
  • You don't need a tv credit...
  • You don’t need a target list...
  • You don’t need a reel...  


I was too, but after helping 542 actors sign with agents and managers, I had to face the red hot truth...

I used to spend months helping actors get new headshots, shoot their reels, craft clever, co-dependent emails to woo their friends into giving them referrals, and scour the web to create the perfect target list.  

And… 1 out of 13 actors would get a meeting. Not bad, but not great– especially when you consider how much time and money they spent.  

So, I asked my clients to throw all the busy work away and just follow a few clear steps instead.

Guess what? Everybody who tried it landed an agent.

I know that sounds like a big fat lie, but it’s the truth. So, I’m not going to shy away from it.  

What I love even more about this new approach is...

It’s designed to make agents want YOU, not the other way around. No more chasing, no more painful silences, and no more puffing yourself up to sound like your career is perfect.

That’s what this masterclass is all about, so I’m really glad you’re here.  

This is the same framework that has helped my students like ...  

Sharon who got 35 meetings – when 2020 production was shut down – and signed with the manager of her dreams (her second audition with her new reps was for a Series Regular!) 🙀

Stephanie who wanted bicoastal reps she vibed with – so after landing 5 meetings, she signed with the perfect agent! 

Shawn who had an agent, but it wasn’t going well. Neither were his referrals. Then, landed 5 meetings in one day with this strategy.

“I honestly didn’t think it was possible to have this many meetings unless you were a famous person!”

Katherine who lives full-time in Portland and was certain she’d never get LA reps got 2 offers and now works in both cities.

Phil who spent loads on showcases with no results, signed with a manager AND an agent #nopayforplayrequired. 

Sarah who was convinced there was no room for her type on any agent’s roster – especially since she had no credits – and then got 3 offers on her first attempt. 💁🏼‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️💁🏾‍♀️

If you’ve ever tried to find an agent in the past without any luck, this class is a no-brainer for you. It's free!

So, are you in?  

Click the button and grab your spot. 

YES, this works for managers too!